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At Cortland Hearing Aids, in Cortland, New York, we carry a wide variety of hearing aids to meet your needs. Each style has its own advantages and limitations, and some are better suited to specific kinds of hearing loss. Our trained audiologist will help you select the hearing aid that is best suited for your specific type and severity of hearing loss.

To find out your specific hearing aid needs, we’ll perform a variety of tests. From there, we will help you choose a style of hearing aid that’s best for you.

There are many different types of hearing aids available.

Behind the ear (BTE):

For mild to profound hearing loss 

bteThis is the classic hearing aid style, in which all parts of the hearing aid rest behind the ear. They can be used by people with varying degrees of hearing loss.



Receiver in the ear (RITE)

For mild to moderate hearing loss

riteMuch like BTE models, the housing sits behind the ear, and is connected to the receiver by a thin wire. Because the receiver is in the ear, the behind the ear unit can be smaller and less visible.



In the canal (ITC)

For mild to moderate hearing loss

itcSmaller and less noticeable than other types of hearing aids, ITC hearing aids contain a receiver placed in the ear canal.




In the ear (ITE)

For mild to moderate hearing loss

iteThese custom made hearing aids fit directly into the external ear. They’re adjustable and can be inserted easily.




Completely in the canal (CIC)

For mild to mildly severe hearing loss

cicThis hearing aid style is tiny, discreet, custom-made and best for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. It is placed within the ear and is popular because it can reduce wind noise.



Extended-wear hearing aids:

extended wear hearing aidWorn 24/7 for months at a time, these are placed comfortably deep in the ear canal, and can be worn while showering, exercising and sleeping. Because it is placed inside your ear canal, it is 100 % invisible to everyone but you.



When you come to our Cortland, New York office, our expert audiologist will help you select the hearing aid style that’s best for your type of hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle. Schedule an appointment with us today!