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Drug Therapy For Hearing Loss Isn’t Around the Corner

Treating hearing loss therapeutically with drugs is an increasing area of research, though currently it seems a long way off. Pharmaceutical approaches are being studied without any breakthrough success thus far. One such effort is an experimental drug known as FX-322, which is attempting to harness stem cell technology to regrow stereocilia. These are the […]

Deal With Diabetes Before It Happens

November is National Diabetes Month. Falling more or less between Halloween candy and Thanksgiving feasting, this annual recognition of a condition that over 10 percent of Americans experience is a good time to learn more about it. What’s that have to do with hearing health? The reality is that there is a direct relationship between […]

Take the Time to Think About Your Long-Term Hearing

Since 2008, the American Academy of Audiology has sponsored October as Audiology Awareness Month. The effort is a way to enhance awareness about hearing health, especially the need to embrace hearing protection by those who are regularly exposed to noisy environments. Now’s the time to think about whether you’ve noticed any changes in your hearing […]

Summer’s End Brings Hearing Challenges

The transition from one season to the next can intensify seasonal allergies for many. And this can wreak havoc with your ears, both their hearing function and their acting as the mechanism that controls our sense of balance. There are also some activities unique to autumn that, if not treated with preventive measures, can cause […]

Been Awhile Since You Hit The Road?

For most of us, it’s been a long time—a good long while—since preparing for a vacation has been on the agenda. And maybe lockdown has hurt our traveling savvy. If you use hearing aids, there are a few things that need to be prepped when you’re on the road. Dealing with an audio meltdown far […]

Protect Your Ears This Summer

One way to take the fun out of the summer is having a bout with an ear infection (or double the fun with both ears aflame). Any place where you can take a dip—the backyard pool, the municipal facility, the lake or ocean, a river or creek—can harbor bacteria that can get into your ear […]

Where’d That Sound Come From?

During a recent appointment, a patient asked us about hearing certain sounds – the occasional “snap, crackle, and pop” – that disappear as fast as they appeared. Quite the mystery for the patient, but we’d come across this phenomenon before! You see, your ear has lots of parts. Little, intricate segments that do amazing things […]

Long Haul COVID and Hearing

These days, we’re finding that most of our patients have elected to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. It’s no wonder that the spread of the disease, at least here in the United States, is on the downslope and the attention among many researchers is turning to people who got the virus and never fully […]

Is Earwax Really So Evil?

Earwax has a bad rap, generally considered something to get rid of and, for some people, a downright disgusting aspect of being human. But the fact of the matter is earwax is actually a pretty important part of your ears’ self-defense mechanism. That sticky texture that freaks some folks out? All part of the design […]

Giving the Gift of Hearing at the End of a Long Year

The last year—the lockdown—has been one of sacrifice, loss, and determination for us all. It’s called for adaptation and a recommitment to charitable giving as we’ve realized that we’re all in the same boat. Back in December, we carried out our Gift of Hearing event. It was our third annual giveaway, which features open nominations […]