Hearing Aid Services

When you come to Cortland Hearing Aids in Cortland, New York, our licensed hearing health care professional will introduce you to your perfect hearing aid match. Dr. Pace or a member of our skilled staff will use the results of your hearing evaluation to determine your needs, and will also work with you to determine which devices are the best fit for your lifestyle and preferences.

Once you choose a hearing aid, an hearing health care professionals will fit it to your ear to ensure the maximum hearing benefits and comfort.

Cortland Hearing Aids offers a Complete Hearing Healthcare program to ensure your hearing aids always work properly. This program is free with every hearing aid you purchase from Cortland Hearing Aids.

The Complete Hearing Healthcare program includes:

  • Quarterly Cleaning and Adjustments: Ear wax and other residue can clog your hearing aids and keep them from working properly. Cleaning your devices yourself, however, can cause damage. Our hearing aid services include professional quarterly cleaning in our Cortland, New York office so you can rest assured knowing your devices will not be damaged. Our trained staff will also adjust your hearing aids quarterly, to ensure they always work best for your hearing loss.
  • Yearly Audiometric Screenings: Since hearing loss can increase over time, we provide yearly audiometric screenings in our Cortland office. These annual screenings, free with the purchase of your hearing aids, will allow our hearing health care professionals to make adjustments as necessary to ensure your hearing aids continue to meet your needs.
  • Loss and Damage Insurance: Our Complete Hearing Healthcare Program includes loss and damage insurance with the manufacturer for one year, or longer depending on the manufacturer.
  • Repair Warranty: When you buy your hearing aids at Cortland Hearing Aids, your devices are covered for repairs with the manufacturer for two years, or longer depending on the model.
  • Batteries for Four Years: You may find your hearing aids go through batteries quickly. Luckily, our hearing aid services include free batteries for four years.

Hearing Aid Services and Repairs
We also offer hearing aid services and repairs for patients who bought their devices elsewhere.

Hearing Aid Fittings

So when it comes to picking a hearing aid, not just any kind will do. It has to fit your ear’s shape and it must be designed for the type and severity of your hearing loss so you don’t miss out on all the sounds around you.

When you come to Cortland Hearing Aids in Cortland, New York, our trained hearing health care professionals will introduce you to your perfect hearing aid match.

To do this, our hearing health care professionals will conduct a hearing aid evaluation to find out your type and severity of hearing loss, as well as facts about your lifestyle to determine which hearing aids will work best for your unique situation.

We’ll also perform a series of tests to determine the softest sound you can hear. This will help us program your hearing aid to work with the way you hear.

Once you find the perfect hearing aid for you, an hearing health care professional will fit it to your ear to ensure it correctly amplifies sounds and maximizes hearing benefits.

When you buy your hearing aids from Cortland Hearing Aids in Cortland, NY, you get more than just hearing aids. Get more information on our Complete Hearing Healthcare program, which includes free services like cleaning and adjustments, repairs, and batteries with every hearing aid purchase.

Are you ready to meet the hearing aid for you? Schedule an appointment with Cortland Hearing Aids and we’ll introduce you.

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Tinnitus Treatment

At Cortland Hearing Aids in Cortland, New York, we understand that complete audiology services include more than just hearing aids. That’s why we offer treatments for a variety of hearing issues, including tinnitus.

What is Tinnitus?

You hear thousands of sounds a day, from songs on the radio to a ringing phone. But, what if you are hearing noise that is not really there? That is tinnitus: a perceived ringing or other noise in the ears when no external sound exists. Have you ever heard ringing in your ears after attending a loud concert? That is a form of tinnitus. For some people, this is an everyday problem that can be distracting and frustrating.

If you suffer from it, you are not alone. About 1 in 5 people have it. For some, it lasts for a few minutes, for others, it’s constant. There’s no cure, but tinnitus treatments exist to treat and help sufferers cope with the condition.

At Cortland Hearing Aids, in Cortland, New York, our staff is trained extensively in tinnitus and can provide tinnitus evaluations, treatments, and counseling. When you come to us for tinnitus treatment, we start with an evaluation to determine the severity of your condition and which treatment options are available to you.


The first step to treating tinnitus is a matching test. To further understand the sounds you’re hearing, we play a series of sounds and attempt to match the exact pitch and loudness you’re hearing. We then evaluate the results and use them to design a tinnitus treatment plan tailored specifically to you.


Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss. If this is the case for you, treatment may include hearing aids, which can be programmed to cancel out the ringing noises.

We can also recommend therapy in the form of sound machines to treat tinnitus. These devices provide a soothing background noise, like the sound of a waterfall or falling rain, to help you manage your tinnitus and reduce the stress it can create. We can also show you the correct ways to use ear plugs and other devices to help with tinnitus.


Living with tinnitus is not easy. Unwanted sounds that no one else can hear that you cannot stop by flipping a switch or walking away can be incredibly stressful. That is why we offer tinnitus counseling to help you manage your condition.

You may not be able to completely eliminate the ringing, buzzing, or roaring sounds in your ear, but you can control your reaction to them. Tinnitus counseling teaches you strategies to cope with tinnitus and reduce the stress associated with it. Tinnitus can be tough, but you’re not alone.

Contact us to start managing your condition and hearing better today.


Our licensed hearing health care professionals will work with you to determine your hearing healthcare needs. At Cortland Hearing Aids, we offer a variety of services, including:

  • Hearing Evaluations: Hearing loss can result from many different causes and can happen at any age. At our office in Cortland, we offer screenings and evaluations for infants, children, and adults. Tests are performed in a sound proof booth by a New York State licensed hearing health care professional with state-of-the-art equipment to determine the type and extent of hearing problems.
  • Tinnitus Treatment: Ringing or buzzing in the ears is often associated with hearing loss. We offer tinnitus evaluations and can suggest treatments and coping strategies.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs: Our experienced staff offers cleaning, maintenance, and minor repairs on all brands of hearing aids.
  • Hearing Health Care Professional vs. Big Box Stores: When you visit our office in Cortland, New York, we provide so much more than just a box of hearing aids.
  • Hearing Aid Fittings: If hearing aids are needed, our hearing health care professionals will use the results of your evaluation to find the right fit for your hearing loss and lifestyle.
  • Custom Made Protective Earmolds: Noise is the leading cause of hearing loss. If you work in a loud environment, we can help you save your hearing. Custom earmolds can also be created for swimming or for use with mobile phones and music players.
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing: This simple, non-invasive test can evaluate hearing loss in  infants, young children, or other patients who cannot participate in traditional hearing tests.

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